Digitisation and Culture




Digitisation and Culture

JULY 15, 2011 Bloggies SPACE BY Administrator

  • What are the effects of digital technology in the dissemination of culture?
  • Digitisation of cultural values - a myth or reality?
  • Can digitised artefacts replace real cultural objects?
  • What roles do museums play in using digitised artefacts in place of the real artefacts?
  • Original versus counterfeit artefacts:-- a comparison
  • Once move into diaspora, can cultural artefacts retains its original values or do they become counterfeit?
  • Is dissemination of culture through artefacts a myth or a substitute?




Many museums are using digitisation techniques through modern technology such as the use of both computers and internet to disseminate their collections. This change has been witnessed in contemporary arts as well as some cultural and historical artefacts leaving out those artefacts considered as spiritual and traditional. The idea of digitisation is to boost museum visitors’ numbers as well as aid preservation and conservation of endangered collections. While this has many advantages such as bringing information to wider audience within the comfort of their homes, it also has many challenges and raises lots of questions on values, misrepresentation, interpretation and authenticity of cultural artefacts. Digitised artefacts might then be faced with issues of manipulation, degradation, or some form of deformation that might promote or demote those values targeted at audience. Bearing in mind this likely challenge as well as the fact that whatever is not digitised seizes to be part of history, will it be then considered wise not to digitise traditional artefacts that reflects culture?